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Study on the Reformation of System of Doctoral Application for Examination and Admission


ProfessorZheng Ruolinggave the first report in our institute in this semester

Academic research, do like this!Thereformation of system of doctoral application for examination and admissionis a realistic topic. This reformation has been carried out for many years in somewell-known universities in our country,such asTsinghua University, Peking University and XiamenUniversity. How are its situation and effect? How public react to it? What areits advantages and disadvantages?In the first report of our institute in this semester,Professor ZhengRuoling gave a wonderful report, which was based onthe survey data of Xiamen University, and combined with the cases ofworld-class universities.

Professor Pan Maoyuan, Professor Shi Qiuheng, AssociateProfessor Qiao Lianquan, Associate Professor Xu Lan, Deputy Party SecretaryChen Wen, and many teachers and graduates attended this meeting.

Professor Zheng Ruolingintroduced the origin of the research, the object and the content of theinvestigation, and showed the research results from six aspects: the advantagesand disadvantages of system of application for examination andadmission, views on traditional entrance examination,recognitionof different ways of enrollment, opinions on the written examination,rationality and validity of examination, and views on autonomy andself-discipline of tutors. She deemed that the application examination systemwas superior to the entrance examination system, long schooling entrance was generallybetter than the ordinary recruitment, and the reformation of system of doctoralapplication for examination and admission should be strengthened. Certainlythere were some problems to study. For example, how to combinescientific selecting with fairness, and how to overcome the defect of thedesign about enrollment system.

Professor Zhengused the empirical methods, obtained data through in-depth interviews, andanalyzed the data deeply. Her report helped us understand the system of applicationfor examination and admission better. In the end, Professor Pan offeredsufficient affirmation to her research method.