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Associate professor Xu Lan attended the Eleventh International Conference on Teacher Education in East Asia and Gave a Report


Form October 17th–18, the Eleventh InternationalConference on Teacher Education in East Asia was held at Huazhong NormalUniversity, Wuhan.There were more than 140 headmasters, experts and scholarswho come from 53 schools of Japan, Korea,Mongolia and China attending this conference.Thetheme of the seminar was theInnovation of Teacher Education in the Internet Ear,whichwas closely related to the melody of the development of the information era,and provided a valuable opportunity for mutual learning of Teacher Education inEast Asia.

On October 17th morning, Wang Dinghua, thedirector of the Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education,attended the opening ceremony, and gave a report whose title was “Policies andStrategies of Teacher Education in China in the Next Five Years”. He pointedout that China would regard improving the quality of teacher education as thecore,strengthening the construction of teacher education system as a support,the structural reform of the supply side of the teacher education as thedriving force, and promote innovation, coordination, open, green, shareddevelopment of teacher education. He emphasized that teacher education shouldmake full use of information technology, make the best of cloud computing, bigdata, virtual reality technology, promote the construction and application ofteaching service platform, and promote transformation of learning and teachingmethods whose main characteristics are independent, cooperative and inquiry.

Dr. Xu Lan gave a report, whose title was “Faculty Development in the Internet+ Era” in a branch of the meeting. This report took thefaculty development in Hong Kong and Taiwan as example,analyzed the situation and characteristics of faculty development, andoffered enlightenments and proposals. Her report was rich in content, livelyand interesting, causing widespread concern and discussion of the participants.During the meeting, Xu Lan and her student,were invited to visit “The NationalEngineering Research Center of e-learning” of Huazhong Normal University,learnt the latest achievements of technology research and engineering practiceof informational education field in China, and talked about the products andservice of the center.

This meeting not only provided a good platformfor the communication of academic research for Chinese and foreign scholars,but also provided opportunities for graduate students to participate in thestudy. Representatives of teachers and students of our institute communicatedwith experts and scholars from home and abroad, broadened their horizons andachieved a lot.