Academic Dynamic

Professor Catherine from University of Bath gives lectures on higher education for our teachers and students


On the morning of June 20, 2017, ProfessorCatherine from the school of education, University of Bath, came to theInstitute of Education,Xiamen University to give her lecture entitled"Understanding educational futures post-brexit: HE and the rise of theEast". This is the seventy-fifth lecture of higher education in theinstitute.

The lecture was presided over by Prof. ShiQiuheng, Deputy Director of the Institute. Associate Professor WuWei,AssociateProfessorZheng Hong, and some of our doctoral students, masterstudents attended the lecture.

On the lecture, Professor Catherinecombined with the western country social political and economic developmentsituation, discusses the change anddevelopment trend of western highereducation, and pointed out that the eastern countries, especially the rise ofChina in the development of higher education. The content of the lecture wassimple and profound. In view of the current social situation and the use ofdetailed data, Professor Catherine transformedsocial phenomena into researchquestions, which benefited the students and teachers here.

Professor Catherine is an expert ininternationalization of higher education research. She had made a thoroughstudy of higher education in China and other East Asian countries, and had madefruitful achievements in the field of international comparative studies inhigher education.

                            Translator: Wenjing