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Professor LIU Haifeng interviewd by Central Media on College Entrance Examination


On the occasionof the 40th anniversary of the resumption of college entrance examination,Professor LIU Haifeng, dean of Institute of Education, Xiamen University, wasinterviewed by numerous media. On June 7, 2017, the first day of this year'scollege entrance examination, Professor LIU Haifeng accepted numbers of mediainterviews on the college entrance examination in Beijing, including videointerviews by CCTV, Beijing TV, XinhuaNet and ChinaNet.

”ChinaTalk”, is a column for high-end interviews of ChinaNet. Recently, Yang Lan,Palu Baker, Czech’s former Prime Minister, Ambassador of the Maldives wereinterviewed. Live video interview with Professor LIU Haifeng started at 14:00on June 7 and lasted for over half an hour, with the theme of “Resume College EntranceExaminations for 40 years: Reform is contiuning, and Justice is forever ”. Therelevant website is:

“40years’College Entrance Examination”, the topic of “Country Album”of XinhuaNet,includes interviews with Professor LIU Haifeng. The relevant website is: