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All Party Members of Teachers andStudents Visited Xiamen Special Economic Zone Memorial Hall


 “ As thefirst special economic zones, Xiamen experienced more than 30 years of wind andrain. Now, it has been reborn as a beautiful ecological garden.” President XiJinping said in a keynote address at the opening ceremony of the BRICS BusinessForum in September.

The words of thepresident make the people living in Xiamen feel so excited and warm. In orderto know more about the beautiful Xiamen and further understand the glorioushistory, all party members of teachers and students in the Education Institudevisited Xiamen Special Economic Zone Memorial Hall in October 9th.

The Memorial Hallrecords the growth of Xiamen in the past few decades bit by bit, which consistsof "Pioneering Stage", "Development Stage", "New Stageof Innovation" and "New Leap Stage" four pavilions, covers anarea of over 5,000 square meters.

Under the guidanceof the docent, all party members of visited the four pavilions one by one.Through thousands of photos, hundreds of historical objects and a number ofurban three-dimensional planning model, all members as if really back to thecourageous and glorious years, witnessed the development of Xiamen from a smallcoastal town into a modern metropolis of the West Coast.

Xiamen SpecialEconomic Zone Memorial Hall, like a historical monument, it engraves the past,but also clears the future. The visiting time was short, but it brought allmenbers a great shock.

A lot of teachersand students were the first time to come to this exhibition hall. At the end ofthe visit, all party members took pictures with the party flag at the entranceof the Memorial Hall. The three decades vicissitudes of Xiamen will always bearin mind of all the party members.

"Lujiang"yacht, as a witness to reform and opening up in Xiamen, standing there solemnlyand proudly, tells the young party members to remember the glourious history,inherit the spirit of being a pioneer and shoulder the important duties.

                              Translator:  Yao yanxia