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“Nice to Meet you on the Moon Night”——Welcome Party for 2017 New Students is a Complete Success


It’s the time to welcome new arrivalswhen September comes with Tan Kwai fragrance diffusing. The 2017 new studentswith desire for academic pursuit and knowledge step into the EducationInstitute of Xia Men University and are about are about to start a new journey.At 7 pm in Step 29th2017, there will be the welcome party for 2017new students in classroom 502 of Institute of Education.This party isco-organized by labor union and graduate student union.

Mr. Pan Maoyuan, Secretary ZhengBingbing, Associate Dean Bie Dunrong, Deputy Secretary Chen Wen as well asseveral faculty members attended the party. Two 2017 new students Hu Yantingand Guo Lechun served as the hosts.

At the very beginning of the party, MrPan made a speech. He sincerely wished:“I hope in the following days, we canwork with joint efforts to build our first-class university and characteristicdisciplines!”Sectary Zheng Bingbing, on behalf ofthe faculty of institute, gavea warm welcome to new student and wished all the teachers and students presenthappy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. She said, new students’ joining asfresh blood gives new impetus to Institute of Education. She expected that thelearning time in the institute could be a treasure in students’ future life.Meanwhile, she mentioned that Step 30th was the fourth Martyrs’ Day.Thus when we feel joyful during the celebrated holiday, we should also feelgrateful to those respectable warriors, who contribute their lives for thenation’s future and people’s happy life.

As the party started, teachers andstudents showed their remarkable skills, making the evening party rich andcolorful. A hot opening dance prepared by new students lighted site atmosphere.Several Students and teachers sang beautiful songs in various types and theme,such as medley in different language, pure minority music, sweet love song andso on. In addition, two teacher’s children also had a lovely performance.

After this song link, students performeda drama which brought audience both laughter and thought. Next, Mr. Zhou andone student brought Erhu solo and keyboard solo in turn. Then, four studentspassionately read their original poem which pays homage to the coming 19thNationalCongress.

Besides, there was an exciting game timeduring the party called “pair balloon drop”.  Teachers and students participated actively.In this “battle of wits and courage”, everyone grew deep understanding andpromote friendship.

As the party drawing to a close, lightswent out. All the faculty and students waved flashlights and sang “Xiao XingYun” together expressing the happiness to meet each other in the Institute ofEducation. Finally, the party ended in a reluctant atmosphere.

Reporter: Guo Lechun  Translator: Cheng Jingjing