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Higher Education Development Research Center of Xiamen University was Selected as the First Source of CTTI


OnDecember 17th,the China think tank Governance Forum sponsored by NanjingUniversity and Guangming Daily Press was held in Nanjing University. ProfessorRuoling Zheng, the deputy director of the center for Higher EducationDevelopment Research Center, Xiamen University, which is the Key Research Baseof Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education and Yumei Wang, thesecretary invited to participate in this annual meeting. The meeting releasedthe first source of the think tank directory of the CTTI and theHigherEducation Development Research Center of Xiamen University was successfullyelected.

CITIis China's first think tank vertical search engine and data management platformco-developed by China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center of NanjingUniversity and the Think Tank Research and Release Centerof Guangming DailyPress, aiming to provide a powerful data management platform for China Think Tankconstruction; realizing all kinds of data collected, sorted, storaged andutilized online, thus to provide data support for the evaluation and assess ofthe China Think Tank . It’s known that the 489 source of the first selectedCTTI think-tank, all pass the thorough examination of the National Think Tank;the recommendation of the relevant authorities; the review of industry expertsand online data and so on, a series of strict selection mechanism, and passthrough the evaluation to the Think Tank and experts by MRPA Think Tankevaluation index system, thus finally deternined to appear in the shortlist.The Think Tank list adjusts one times every two years, and the effective periodof the first source think tank is from January 2017 to December 2018.