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Professor Zheng Ruoling Went to Austria to Attend an Academic Conference


ProfessorZheng Ruoling attended the 3rd China-Forum:“One belt, one road”—New chances and challenges held in Graz at the invitation from Chen Wanjie,the dean ofConfucius College, Graz University, Austria. Professor Zheng Ruoling gave areport titled The Development andInternationalization of China Higher Education on the sub forum which wasassigned the topic on Culture/Society.This forum consisted of four sub forums-technology, economy/innovation, law,culture/society. People attended this forum discussed about the chances andchallenges which were brought by the New Silk Road to the development in somefocus areas, such as economy, technology, law, culture and education. The aimof this forum is to stimulate communication and cooperation between China andAustria and foster networks of bilateral cooperation actively.

Morethan one hundred people from China and Austria attended the forum. Among thethirty-six guests who gave the report and attended the Round Table, there weretwenty-three people from Austria, including the vice-president of Austrian People'sCouncil, the chairman of the parliamentary committee of Steiermark, thedirector of the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Economyin Austria, the mayor of Graz, the vice-president of Graz University ofTechnology, Raiffeisen International president. Thirteen people came fromChina. Chinese ambassador to Austria, some scholars from Nanjing University,Renming University of China, Xiamen University, East China University ofPolitical Science and Law and Jiangsu University and some experts from ChinaElectronics Technology Group and ZTE. The discussion in Round Table wasextremely intense and the audience actively asked questions. All this showedthat The New Silk Road widen the sight and made it possible that China andAustria could win in the effective cooperation and sustainable development.