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In January 2000, the Research Center of Higher EducationDevelopment in Xiamen University was founded on the basis of the ResearchInstitute of Higher Education Science and was officially approved as the keyresearch institute for humanities and social science by the Ministry ofEducation on September 5, 2000. The Center gathers and cultivates a lot ofexcellent academic talents, organizes the new high-level scientific research onacademic frontiers and the socioeconomic development of major theoretical andpractical issues around the strategies of national development. The Centerplays an important role in innovative production, academic exchanges and thedevelopment of universities’ philosophy and social sciences. The ResearchCenter of Higher Education Development in Xiamen University pays more attentionto quality enhance and content-oriented development, while consolidatesprevious achievements. The key research institute has become the cornerstoneand the pillar of the "211 Project" and the "985 Project"as well as a major component of the China’s philosophy and social sciencesinnovation system. The Center fully plays the role of "think tanks"and "talent bank" and promotes all-round development of theuniversities humanities and social science research system and scientificresearch work. In 2004, the Research Center of Higher Education Development inXiamen University passed the assessment by the Ministry of Education. Now it isconducting the second-phase development.

Leaders of the Center
Director: Dunrong Bie
Vice Director: Qiuheng Shi, Ruoling Zheng

Academic Committee of the Center
Honorary Director: Maoyuan Pan
Director: Mingyuan Gu
Vice Director: Haifeng Liu
(in the order of commissioner’s familyname)
Haifeng Liu ((Professor and Dean of Institute of Education of XiamenUniversity)
Daguang Wu (Professor and Vice President of Xiamen University)
Deguang Yang ((Professor of Shanghai Normal University and FormerChairman of the National Higher Education Research Association)
Kangning Wu (Professor and Former Vice president of Nanjing NormalUniversity)
Yukun Chen (Professor and Former Dean of College of EducationAdministration in East China Normal University)
Binglin Zhong (Professor and President of the Chinese Society ofEducation and Former President of Beijing Normal University)
Mingyuan Gu ((Professor of Beijing Normal University and FormerPresident of the Chinese Society of Education)
Maoyuan Pan (Professor and Former Vice president of Xiamen University)