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China Association of Higher Education“Symposium on Discipline Construction of Higher Education” was Held in Xiamen University

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The General SecretaryXi Jingping made the important speeches on Symposium on Philosophy and SocialScience, which has great effct on promoting the construction and innovation ofhigh education’s discipline system, academic system and discourse system. FromAugust 28th to 29th, China Association High Education held the Symposium onPrincipals of High Education’s Ph.D. Students Training Units in XiamenUniversity, with the support of the Cooperative Group of Higher EducationResearch Institution and the Chinese Higher Education Reseach Assocaition, inorder to implement the spirits Xi’s speeches, propel the discipline constructonof High Education, enhance the discipline confidence and improve academicresearch level. Professor Wu Daguang, the vice-chairman of China Association HighEducation, the leader of Cooperative Group, and Professor Zhang Yingqiang, thepresident of the Chinese Higher Education Reseach Assocaition hosted thismeeting which attracted more than 30 principals and leaders from 20universities throughout the country. Professor Qu Zhenyuan, the chairman of China Association High Education,and Senior Professor Pan Maoyuan in Xiamen University attended this symposiumand made gist speeches.

Symposium onPrincipals of High Education’s Ph.D. Students Training Units

Professor Qu Zhenyuan, Professor Pan Maoyuan attended the Symposium

ProfessorWu Daguang and Professor Zhang Yingqiang hosted the Symposium

Prof. Qu said, Higher Education possesses a good disciplinefoundation, owns a team of academic experts andscholars and has many unitswhere graduates pursue adavanced studies after developing for more than 30years. With such good foundation, it is very clear that we must attachimportance to constructing systematic theories and conceptions of HighEducation. TheGeneralSecretary Xi mentioned that we need to improve the level of Philosophyand Social Science, in which High Education takes a largeporportion. However,High Education faces many challenges under the condition of “double first-class”constructionand the fourth discipline criticism. As for discipline consturction, HighEducation should strive to formulate new standards and norms to solve the seriousissues. He hopes that discipline construction of High Education could developwell.

Prof.Pan thought that High Educaton still faces aserious issue under the great circumstance. He analysized the history, basesand future challenges of High Education’s discipline construction, in the viewof its policies and development problems. He insisted that High Education is acomplicated descipline for its various basic theories. Paying more attention todiscipline construction of High Education is imperativebecause it relates to all aspects of society and has plays an important role incountry’s development.


Senior Professsor Panof Xiamen University made a gist speech

During the symposium, all the represetativesdisscussed the situation of discipline construction in their universities.Meanwhile, they expressed their views on the prospect and developmentstrategies of High Education. Professor Liu Haifeng, Zhang Yaqun,and Zhao Yezhuattended this conference and expressed their ideas, including Professsor ChenWuyuan, the commissoner of Ximen University Managing Department of SocialSciences. Professor Shi Qiuheng, the Secretary general of Cooperative Group,the vice-president of Ximen University High Education Insttitute hosted theperiodic meeting and helped cooperate all the participants. In the end, all therepresentatives appointed that they would devote to consolidating thediscipline construction of High Education.

Symposiumon Principals of High Education’s Ph.D. Students Training Units

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