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Academic Spotlight

A lecture given byProfessor Xie Weihe from Tsinghua University

Browse Times:105    Release Time:2017-12-12

Late 9th December, 2017, the former vice President of Tsinghua university and the deanof the institute of education, one of the contemporary education expertsprofessor Xie Weihe gave a lecture on “The great revival of China’s educationin 2049”, which was an academic feast for the teachers and students of ourfaculty.

Professor Xie believesthat education should be open to the future, which urges us to think about whatChina’s education would be like by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the foundingof the People's Republic of China. On professor Xie’s opinion, the fundamentalproblem and difficulty of education development in China lie in how our countrybuilds its own self-confidence on education, including a mature nationalidentity and an international identity on education. He suggests that we aseducation researchers should dig deeply into the excellent Chinese traditionalculture and combine the facts of China and the world in the 21st century tomake a larger contribution to the development of education.Xie's report strucka chord with people in the workplace, and many teachers and students expressedtheir confusion.In response to their problems, professor Xie gave his answers.

The academic lecture waspresided over by Professor Shi Qiuheng. The lecture attracted many teachers andstudents and achieved great success and good response.


Translator:Zhao Xianghui)

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