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Academic Spotlight

Professor Guo Qijia Conducted an Academic Report "On Cultural Confidence and Chinese Traditional EducationalSpirit"

Browse Times:103    Release Time:2017-11-30

On November 20,2017, Professor Guo Qijia from Beijing Normal University, who is one of Contemporary EducationalMasters in China, brought an academic feast for our teachers and students. Hisspeech was "On Cultural Confidence and Chinese Traditional EducationalSpirit".

The main contentincluded four aspects. Firstly, he introduced the four major systems of ancientcivilization in the world briefly. Secondly, he outlined the formation andevolution of Chinese traditional education. Thirdly, the main contributions andcharacteristics of traditional Chinese education were stressed. Lastly, Chinesetraditional education plays an important role in the process of worldcivilization development, which requires us to uphold cultural self-confidence.

From ahistorical and comparative perspective, Professor GUO affirmed the formationand evolution of Chinese traditional education, which showed the significanceof "Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism", so he called on everyone toread the classic from the "Confucian classics, historical records,philosophical writings and miscellaneous works ".

This academiclecture was presided over by Professor ShiI Qiuheng. Dean of the Institute LIUHaifeng, Party Secretary of the Institute Zheng Bingbing, Professor Zhang Yaqunattended the meeting. Before the lecture was over, Professor Guo had goodinteractions with Professor QIN, Associate Professor CHEN and several masterand doctoral students.

(2016 master graduate student Yuan Jingdi)

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