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Professor Philip G. Altbach of Boston College in America Gave a lecture at Institute of Education

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On the morning of November 10, 2017,Professor Philip G. Altbach of Boston College in America was invited to makethe 78th “Higher Education Lecture in Xiamen University” with the theme of Implications for Internationalization in the Context of Globalization. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Shi Qiuheng, Deputy Director of the Institute. Professor Pan Maoyuan, Professor Liu Haifeng, Professor Bie Dunrong, Professor Zhang Yaqun, and some of our teachers, doctoralstudents, master students attended the lecture.

Combing with the higher education experienceof America, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Germany, India and China, Professor Altbach discussed the massification, globalization, internationalization andglobal-national knowledgetion, and pointed out that the eastern countries, especially the development of higher education in China was so dramatic. Professor Altbach was particularly concern about the Malaysia branch of Xiamen University, and PH.D Guo Jie shared the meaning of Malaysia branch of Xiamen University.

In the end, ProfessorPan Maoyuan reviewed the precious and deep friendship with Professor Altbach,and discussed the discipline of Higher Education.

Professor LiuHaifeng summed up the lecture. The content of the lecture was profound, and theatmosphere was so fantastic because of the interactions between teachers andstudents.


 Translator: Qiu Wenjie

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