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Teachers and Students of the Institute Attend the Sixth World Comparative Education Forum

Browse Times:109    Release Time:2017-10-12

The Sixth World Comparative Education Forum is held in Beijing Normal Universityfrom September, 23 to 24. Beijing Normal University is the host of this forum.International and Comparative Education Institute of Beijing Normal Universityand ChineseEducation And Social Development Research Institute hold the forum jointly. Since2002, World Comparative Education Forum has been held five times successfully.And this time, the theme of the forum is ‘Two Hundred Years’ Development ofComparative Education: National State · Globalization · Development ofSubject’. More than three hundred scholars and specialists around the worldattend the forum, which means the scale of the forum is very large. BesidesAssociate professor Wu wei, there are ten graduates who attend this forum. Theyare AnqiKe, Lurong Chen, Yanan Cui, Lulu Liu, Wenjie Xu, Yingxia Guo, YaoliZhu, Dongheng Yuan, WenjieQiu and Farhana.

PastMaster of WCCES Rongan Li, who is the distinguished professor of ZhengzhouUniversity, Past Master of North American Comparative and International EducationInstitute Ratna Ghosh, who is the professor of McGill University, vicepresidentof Sophia University Sugimura Miki, Professor of Stockholm UniversitySweden VinayagumChinapah, the president of WCCES, and the professor of CornellUniversitygive reports. Teachers and students of our institute also do somereports.

Associateprofessor Wu wei does the reports named ‘The International Strategic Researchof Leiden University’.AnqiKe does the report named ‘The Education QualityAssurance Mode of South African Cross-Country Education: the History of Reform,Present Institution and Relevation; Yanan Cui gives a report named ‘ComparativeResearch of The Dynamic Mechanism of University Union’ ;Lulu Liu gives a reportnamed ‘Strategic Planning of Emerging World Class University’; Wenjie Xu givesa report named ’Comparative Research of American and Japan Policies of Educationfor Life’; Yingxia Guo gives a report named ‘Comparative Research of ChineseAnd American Talents Training Mode in Basic Subject’; Lurong Chen gives areport named’The Revelation of SAT and ACT to The Reform of Chinese CollegeEnter Examination’; Dongheng yuan gives a report named ‘The Evolution AndRevelation of Foreign Education Assistance Policy’; WenjieQiu gives a reportnamed ‘The Revelation of Minority Student Aids in Higher Education’; Farhanagives a report named ‘Complexity And Reform of Higher Education in Pakistan’.

Thisforum broadens their horizon and makes the teachers and students of ourinstitute know more about higher education. They also show their academictalent in this forum.


(Translator: Shi Hui)

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