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Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng, Visited and Investigated Institute of Education at Xiamen University

Browse Times:130    Release Time:2016-10-21


The headyfragrance of orange osmanthus was wafted by the autumn breeze in Xiamen inOctober. In the afternoon on 16th, accompanied by Zhang Yan, Secretaryof the Communist Party Committee of Xiamen University, Chen Baosheng, Secretaryof the Leading Party Group of Ministry of Education as well as Minister ofEducation, led other experts and paid a special visit to Institute ofEducation. During this visit, Mr.Chen and fellow experts learned about andinvestigated the latest progress in higher educationdisciplinary construction, teaching and scientific researches, and also metProfessor Pan Maoyuan, the national teaching model as well as the pioneer andfounder of China’s higher education, and other teacher and studentrepresentatives.

At the symposium,Director of Institute of Education, Professor Liu Haifeng, delivered a specialreport titled as “National Team for Higher Education Study and DecisionConsultation”, and emphasized on the development and achievements at key times,such as the establishment of Institute of Higher Education in 1978, entitlementof Nation Key Discipline in 1988, approval of the only one Key Research Base inHumanities and Social Sciences in China by Ministry of Education in 2000, andthe founding of Institute of Education in 2004. Holding the development idealof “To be the best instead of the largest and succeed in quality” and playing aleading role as the National Team in higher education research andconsultation, our institute made outstanding progress in disciplinaryconstruction, talent nurturing and scientific research. Professor Liu Haifengalso highlighted various excellent scientific research awards in highest-levelnational competitions in liberal arts in the last decade, and significantcontributions through offering suggestions in different research fields, suchas college entrance examination reform, the third-party evaluation in highereducation, higher education management, and Sino-foreign cooperation in runningschools. In this way, Institute of Education strived to be high-level andhigh-end research institution to satisfy the people and reassure the leaders.

Professor PanMaoyuan, the senior professor in liberal arts in Xiamen University, gave aconclusion and made an additional speech. He said, “Firstly, ‘what will China’shigher education be like in 2030?’ As high-level think tank, we should not andwould not be satisfied with mere consulting work. We must have prospective andstrategic vision and play a leading role during the transition of national marketeconomy and promotion of social development. Secondly, against the situation ofnational encouragement of constructing “Double First-class”, first-classusually referred to first disciplines, but second disciplines can actuallyproduce professional talents (instead of “jack of all trades and master ofnone”). Higher education belongs to the category of second discipline, so itsconstruction might experience crisis currently.”

After carefullylistening to all reports and suggestions, Minister Chen Baosheng positivelyaffirmed the efforts and achievements of Institute of Education. He held Mr.Pan’s hands tightly and said, “I really appreciated all your outstandingcontributions and hard work. We should have paid a special visit to yourfamily. Education is particular about affection and feelings and so areeducational workers.”

After thesymposium, Minister Chen Baosheng encouraged our teachers and students toconstruct Institute of Education as national first-class education researchinstitution with profound international influence and national-level think tank,and also make great contributions to the prosperity of philosophical socialsciences in China’s higher education as well as the development of educationand our society.

The symposiumattendees also include He Xiuchao, Director of Ministry-based SupervisionBureau as well as Head of State Council Education Supervision Committee, HuangHongwu, Secretary of Fujian Province Department of Education, Li Jianfa, ViceSecretary of the Communist Party Committee as well as Vice President of XiamenUniversity, Zhan Xinli, Vice President of Xiamen University, Guo Jia, Directorof General Office of Ministry-based Supervision Bureau and a dozen teachersfrom our institute.

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