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History of IHE

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Institute of Education at Xiamen University (Research Institute of Higher Education Science) was developed from Research Unit of Higher Education Science, which was the earliest academic organization specialized in Higher Education in China, founded on May 17, 1978. Authorized by Ministry of Education in February 1984, and accredited by the Committee on Degrees of the State Council, the Institute was the first one in China to set up a master's program in Higher Education on January 13, 1984, and a doctoral program in higher education on July 28, 1986. Professor Pan Maoyuan was designated as a Ph.D. supervisor, the first one in Higher Education field in China. On July 22, 1988, the institute was authorized by the then State Education Commission as the national key discipline of Higher Education. Higher Education program of the Institute was listed as the key discipline of China’s 211 Project in 1996 and again in 2002, in 2007. On September 5, 2000, Research Center of Higher Education Development was officially approved as the key research institute for Humanities and Social Sciences by the Ministry of Education. It is also the sole innovation institute of 985 Project researches in Higher Education in China. Adhering to the motto, Pursing Excellence and Striving for Perfection, the Institute of Education of Xiamen University determines to further promote higher education research and to foster innovative development of higher education in China, maintaining the institute’s leadership in China and working towards more visibilities in the world.

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