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Disciplinary Development

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In the recent 30 years, Institute of Education of XiamenUniversity has accomplished tremendous achievements in disciplinary and programdevelopment. It has developed nationally well-known Master’s, Doctoral, andPost-doctoral programs of Higher Education in China, providing an interface forhosting Ph.D student visiting program, and leading a number of nationalresearch institutes for Humanities and Social Sciences in general and forHigher Education, in particular.

National key discipline:

HigherEducation program at the Institute of Education was authorized by NationalEducation Committee on 22nd July 1988 to become one of the first five national keydisciplines in education in China. In 2002, the discipline of higher educationin the Institute of Education was again evaluated as the only national keydiscipline of higher education because of its great achievement in disciplinarydevelopment. In 2007, the institute continuously achieved the reputation ofnational key discipline in higher education. It is the first national keydiscipline in higher education in China.

Post-doctoral Programs in Education

In October of 2003 the National Ministry of Personnel and Post-doctoral Committeeauthorized Institute of Education of Xiamen University as a post-doctoraldevelopment station, promoting the institute’s further development of teachingand research. After 5 years in operation, the post-doctoral programs of theinstitute have been hosting 13 post-doctoral fellows.

Ph.D. Programs in Education

Now the institution has five Ph.D.programs which are Theory of Higher Education, Educational History, Economy andManagement of Education, Comparative Education and Ed.D.

Ph.D. Program in Theory of Higher Education This program was     established in 1986 and began to enroll students in the same year. This is     the nation’s first Ph.D. program in Theory of Higher Education. Professor     Maoyuan PAN became the first Ph.D. supervisor of higher education in China     at that time. The current Ph.D. supervisors are Prof. Maoyuan PAN, Prof.

Haifeng LIU, Prof. Daguang WU, Prof. Zuoxu XIE, Prof. Qiuheng SHI, Prof.     Hongcai WANG, and Prof. Jinhui LIN. This discipline especially focuses on     studying basic theory of higher education and issues of Chinese higher     education. The program has a founder’s position in research of higher     education in China, and it has been keeping its national leadership. So     far the program granted 106 candidates with a Ph.D. degree in Higher     Education.

Ph.D. program in Education History This program was set up in 2006 and     the Ph.D. supervisors are Prof. Haifeng LIU, Prof. Yaqun ZHANG, and Prof.     Ruoling ZHENG. The concentrations are studies on the Imperial Examinations     and the modern and contemporary history of Chinese higher education. And     the Imperial Examinations studying has been reputed as an original     discipline by peers, having great influences domestically and     internationally.

Ph.D. program in Economy and Management of Education This program was     set up in 2006 and the Ph.D. supervisors are Prof. Daguang WU, Prof.     Qiuheng SHI, Prof. Zeyu LI, and Prof. Yiying WU. The specializations are     the system of higher education, the management and evaluation of higher     education and so on. It also has great influence all over the country.

Ph.D. program in Comparative Education was set up in 2013.

Ed.D. program was set up in 2010.

National Ministry of Education VisitingPh.D Student Program (Higher Education)

InDecember of 2007, Xiamen University was appointed by the National Ministry ofEducation to set up the nation’s first visiting Ph.D Student Program forinnovative graduate education in the field of higher education. And it began torecruit in the second semester of the academic year of 2007 to 2008.

Master's Programs

On the basis of master programs inHigher Education (1984), Education History(2003), Comparative Education (2003),and Curriculum and Instruction (2003), in 2006, the institute was accreditedfor master’s programs in education with the whole education area, includingTheory of Education, Higher Education, Education History, ComparativeEducation, and Curriculum and Instruction. On the basis of master’s programs inmanagement of education and psychology of youth, master’s programs in economyand management of education (2000) and developmental and educational psychology(2005) achieved accreditations successively.

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