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National Project

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National 211 Project

Theinstitute’s programs in higher education were taken as the sole key disciplineto develop in higher education in the national 211 Project in 1996.It had passed the state’s first phrasal assessment in July, 2001 andsuccessfully entered the second phase of development project. In the past fiveyears, the project fully accomplished the development tasks, achieved theoverall goals, and passed the second assessment in June, 2006. Now it is movingto the third phase, namely the national 211 Project of the 11thFive-Year Plan.

National 985 Project

Atthe end of 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, XiamenUniversity successfully finished the first-phase development of the “985Project” and started the second-phase development according to the form ofbase/platform. The Institute of Education at Xiamen University established 985project base—“higher education system with Chinese characteristics, whichis the class I innovative project in philosophy and social sciences and thesole research project for higher education in the 985 Project. Theinnovative base focuses on three key aspects: the strategies of establishingthe higher education system with Chinese characteristics, China's highereducation system and operational mechanism, the higher education systeminnovation and concordant development with the society.

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