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Academic exchanges

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Instituteof Education at Xiamen University has enhanced the frequency, breadth and depthof academic exchanges Over the past Thirty years. The institute has held many internationalacademic conferences and co-organized abroad. And its researches are alsopursuing for international influences and oversea cooperation, which isapproaching to the preset goal of the institute—“go abroad, be international”.

Major academic conferences hosted byour institute since 1998

1998.1 Conference on the reform anddevelopment of higher education across Taiwan Strait
1998.3 Conference of Chinese Higher Education Management Association
1999.4 Conference for Presidents of Private Universities in China 
2001.9 Conferenceon theories and policies of Chinese Mass Higher Education 
2002.10 Equity and Efficiency: Conference on Higher Education in the 21
2003.9 International Conference on Higher Education Reform in China
2003.11 Private Higher Education and Capital Market Forum
2004.10 Second International Conference on the Development of Quality ofUniversities: Globalization and Europeanization of Higher Education (Lithuania)
2005.9 International Conference on Imperial Examination System and the Study ofImperial Examination 
2005.10 Third International Conference on the Development of Quality ofUniversities (Norway)
2006.10 Fourth International Conference on the Development of Quality ofUniversities: Faculty Development 
2007.10 Fifth International Conference on the Development of Quality ofUniversities: the University cultures in Changes (Lithuania)
2007.10 International Symposium on Development of Entrepreneurial andInnovative Higher Education
2008.5 Celebrating the 30
th Anniversary of the Institute ofEducation, Xiamen Universality, an International Conference on Higher EducationQuality: Theories and Applications
2010.10 Professor Pan Maoyuan's 75th Anniversary Celebration and SocialResponsibility of Higher Education Research Conference
2015.11 The 12th International Symposium on Imperial Examination and ImperialExamination
2016.6 Higher Education Quality and Employability: How Internal QualityAssurance Can Contribute

Participants of International AcademicConference on China Higher Education Reform in 2003

According to agreements of InternationalUniversity Quality DevelopmentUNIQUAL,Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Xiamen University, andLithuania University of Science and Technology jointly sponsored the 4thUNIQUAL conference in Xiamen October, 2006.

International Conference on ImperialExamination System and the study of Imperial Examination organized by XiamenUniversity in September 2005.

Celebrating the 30thAnniversary of the Institute of Education, Xiamen Universality,an InternationalConference on Higher Education Quality: Theories and Applications in XiamenMay, 2008.

Professor Pan Maoyuan's 75thAnniversary Celebration and Social Responsibility of Higher EducationResearch Conference in Xiamen October, 2010.

TheBiography of Mr. Maoyuan Pan published by Norwegian University of Science andTechnology is on its first day of marketing in Norway.


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