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The Master Student of Our Institute Attended the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong Spring Annual Conference 2018

Browse Times:125    Release Time:2018-03-22


On March 17-18, the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong Spring Annual Conference 2018 was held at The Education University of Hong Kong. Master student YUAN Dongheng, QIU Wenjie submitted paper and made report.


The Conference was organized around meaning and role of education amid global changes and local challenges. And there are four branch themes: basic education-its equity and quality; Lifelong learning and other education; Their potential and challenges; Higher education-coping with challenge. The conference attracted scholars from around the world, such as Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Kazakhstan and mainland China and Hong Kong area, Macao area, Taiwan area and other regions. Prof. YANG Rui, from the University of Hong Kong, Prof. GAO Fang, from the Education University of Hong Kong, Prof. Bob Lingard from the University of Queensland, delivered keynote speech.


At this conference, postgraduate YUAN Dongheng made a report entitled “The goal, measures and guarantee: the construction of first-class universities in ChinaContent analysis based on the first-class university construction plan text”. Postgraduate QIU Wenjie made a report entitled “The analysis of Internationalization Strategy on Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuruch”.


The conference provided an opportunity for our students to broaden horizons, to know about new development in the comparative education research field, and to have a more understanding and thinking.


Translator: QIU Wenjie

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