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Academic Spotlight

Assistant Professor Hong Zhizhong Talked about the Way of Rebuilding the Grass-roots Teaching Organizations

Browse Times:120    Release Time:2018-03-27

March 26, 2018, Assistant professor Hong Zhizhong brought a poetic academic report for teachers and students, entitled Wind Continues to Blow: the Way of Rebuilding the Grass-roots Teaching OrganizationsThis report contained four parts. Firstly, Mr. Hong introduced the general situation of the practice and research development of grass-roots teaching organizations. Secondly, he combined historical materials and oral history data to make a simple carding of the development history of the grass-roots teaching organizations. Then, with a case study of a research university, he analyzed the development, the three models, the main problems and the causes of the problems of the Teaching and Learning Department of this university. Finally, Mr. Hong put forward his own six points of thinking as the end of the report, triggering the discussion of teachers and students.

After the end of the report, both teachers and students have published their own views on the report. In the end, Mr. Pan Maoyuan made a conclusion, he affirmed the value and solidity of the study, pointed out the key points and future directions of the research.

Mr. Pan Maoyuan, Secretary Zheng Bingbing, Professor Bie Dunrong, Professor Qin Hongxia, Associate professor Chen Xingde, Associate professor Zhenghong, Associate professor Wu Wei, Assistant professor Guo Jianpeng, Assistant professor Wu Fan, and a large number of graduate students from our Institute participated in this academic meeting.


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